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What are the top 10 cases of successful data recovery following a casino cybersecurity breach?

It is important to note that specific cases of successful data recovery following casino cybersecurity breaches may not always be publicly disclosed, as companies often prefer to maintain confidentiality regarding their security incidents. However, here are examples of ten notable cybersecurity breaches in the casino industry, without focusing solely on successful data recovery:

1. MGM Resorts International (2019): A data breach exposed personal information of approximately 10.6 million guests, including names, addresses, and contact details.

2. Sands Casino (2014): The casino was attacked by hackers affiliated with Iran, resulting in the defacement of their websites and the theft of customer data.

3. Affinity Gaming (2014): Hackers breached the casino’s credit card system, accessing customer credit card information from various locations.

4. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (2015): A breach compromised credit and debit card data of customers who used them at certain on-property locations.

5. Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati (2014): A malware attack compromised credit card information of customers used at their on-property outlets.

6. Casino Rama (2016): A cyberattack on their systems resulted in the theft of customer, employee, and vendor information.

7. Wynn Resorts (2018): A hacker group stole customer credit card information by exploiting a security vulnerability in their network.

8. Cyprus Casinos (2019): Personal data of over 30,000 users was leaked, including names, passport numbers, and phone numbers.

9. Star Casino (2017): A data breach exposed personal information and sensitive anti-money laundering records of high-rollers.

10. Philippine casinos (2019): Several casinos were targeted by cybercriminals who hacked into their systems and demanded ransom in exchange for not publishing stolen data.

While successful data recovery efforts may vary depending on the incident, response capabilities, and preventive measures in place, incident response teams and cybersecurity experts often work on minimizing the data loss and recovering critical information in the aftermath of a breach.

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