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What are the top 10 instances of gambling companies supporting the arts and culture sectors?

1. The National Lottery (UK): The National Lottery supports various arts and culture projects through its funding programs, contributing millions of pounds to support museums, galleries, theatre, dance, and music events.

2. Paddy Power Betfair: Paddy Power Betfair has sponsored and supported multiple arts and cultural activities in Ireland, including the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

3. MGM Resorts International: MGM Resorts International has an extensive history of supporting arts and culture, providing significant funding and sponsorship to organizations such as the Las Vegas Philharmonic and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

4. The Hong Kong Jockey Club: The Hong Kong Jockey Club has made substantial contributions to the arts scene in Hong Kong, sponsoring events like the Hong Kong Arts Festival and supporting various cultural initiatives.

5. Singapore Pools: Singapore Pools has been actively involved in supporting Singapore’s arts and culture sector through sponsorships and partnerships with organizations, festivals, and events promoting local artists and performances.

6. Svenska Spel: Svenska Spel, the Swedish gambling company, has invested in cultural activities, including sponsorship of numerous music festivals, museums, and initiatives promoting art in Sweden.

7. Svenska Spel – AhaWorld: Svenska Spel – AhaWorld, an online casino operator, supports Swedish cultural life through initiatives such as nightlife events, festivals, and artistic exhibitions.

8. Casino de Monte-Carlo: Casino de Monte-Carlo, located in Monaco, has played a crucial role in supporting the arts through various sponsorships and partnerships with cultural events, including the Monte-Carlo Opera and the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival.

9. Tabcorp: Tabcorp, an Australian gambling company, actively supports the arts and culture sectors by sponsoring events like the Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival, and Adelaide Festival, among others.

10. The Rank Group: The Rank Group, a UK gambling company, has contributed to the arts through its support of the Rank Foundation’s various cultural initiatives, including promoting music education, theater projects, and youth empowerment through the arts.

It’s important to note that the support of gambling companies for the arts and culture sectors may vary over time, and this list represents examples but is not exhaustive.

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